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Looking after your purrfect pets

Pet Feeding (and cuddles)

The Cludo Service
We charge a standard rate of £10 a visit, which covers one cat or small animal. Then £2 for each additional cat or combination of smaller animals. The visit will last up to 30 minutes. This also includes cleaning out/changing litter trays, administering medication and of course plenty of cuddles. We charge an extra 50% fee for feeds over the Bank Holidays, Christmas or Easter.


Cludo Service

The Finn Service
If your precious feline or small animal gets lonely during the day, then we offer a one-hour service.  Everything is included in the Cludo Service, plus plenty more cuddles, playtime, and love.  We charge a standard rate of £20 plus £2 for each additional animal.

Find out why the Services are called Finn and Cludo


Finn Service

Other Services
Although your furry friends are our number one priority, we can also help further. We will happily open/close curtains, water the garden and turn lights on/off – this comes for free. Find out more here…

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