At HomeFurYou we are loving the World Cup right now. Especially as England are still in it! Our favourite story of  this month-long footie fest has to be the one about Achilles, the physic cat. Achilles lives in the basement of the St Petersburg Museum in Russia with 50 other feline friends. They are all unofficial rat catchers at the museum.

Achilles has got off to a great start with his predictions – correctly choosing the bowl of cat food with Russia’s colours on it rather than Saudi Arabia’s. Only 62 more matches to go then – Achilles! At the last World Cup, it was a Brazilian octopus that correctly predicted the scores, but good to know that this time they are relying on one of the cleverer members of the animal kingdom.

I then started researching other cat/football related connections and found that there are remarkably few. Sunderland are nicknamed the Black Cats and Peter Bonetti (the third best England goalie ever) was nicknamed the Cat for his incredible agility. And that’s about it!

Don’t worry though, if you are planning on calling HomeFurYou for your cat sitting needs this summer, I promise not to go on about football all the time. Unless you really want me to?!