It’s been a busy week and we’ve been out and feed plenty of cats from all over the world.  We got home and told Posh all about some of the different countries that the cats come from.  She wanted to tell you all about it.

“Dad fed a cat from France this morning – he sounds very romantic and used to live in Paris in a swanky apartment.  He’s a stereotype Frenchman with garlic around his neck and always eating baguettes. He’s invited me out for dinner but I don’t like garlic very much – so will keep you posted.

Then dad told me about two Persians from Texas, who had a long flight over here when their parents moved back to the UK. They walk about in big cowboy hats like they own the place and they are always eating junk food.  We might invite them to the next family BBQ, but we’d have to get the steaks in.

Recently, dad has taken on a cat from Belgium who loves chocolate, waffles and beer.  Sounds a lovely cat and someone Becks and I wouldn’t mind as a friend – you never can tell.

With Brexit coming up, Becks and I are exploring opportunities for dual nationality and suggest all cats think about their pet passports too? So if you’re an overseas cat and thinking about coming to the UK, then make sure you live within the reach of HomeFurYou – who provide the best cat feeding in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire; whatever the nationality”.