Neil and Alper gave us the two hour warning and our nerves jangled. They’d left Sunderland and were on their way down to deepest Lincolnshire with our precious cargo. They worked for the most amazing company called Paws and Claws Transport Limited. Everything was taken care of – the paperwork, the pet passports and all the logistics. A five star service for the discerning pet rescuer.

After travelling through 11 different countries, clocking up 2,500 miles and dropping off almost all of their furry friends around the UK, only Cappa, Docia and Buttercup were left on the van. They’d barked their way from Guildford to Glasgow and managed to drop off the three cats early doors. Result!

It only remained for us to sit with Kitty, Alvin, Cludo and Dora, carefully explaining the significance of what was to come. The reaction was fairly ambivalent. There was some bum licking, some begging for dreamies and a bit of frantic litter gardening to be done. So we needn’t have worried.

ETA was 11:30pm and we were so excited. It had been six months to the day since we clapped eyes on Cappa and Docia. They were literally begging for scraps outside our hotel in this beautiful region of Turkey. I remember clearly Jules looking into Cappa’s gorgeous eyes and saying “We will never ever let you both down and you will come and live in your forever home with us”.

So fast forward half a year, half a continent and a lot of expert canine advice from our very own Fairy “Dog-mother” Leanne, the moment had arrived.

Neil stepped off the van and our family was complete. Cappa immediately threw herself on her back and had her tummy tickled by Jules. They say a dog never forgets an act of kindness and this proved it. She definitely remembered Jules and her promise.

We’d delivered on that promise and now the fun could begin. After wiping away the tears of course.