So we have thankfully left January and most of February behind us and we can just about stop hibernating after the usual unpleasant British winter! Now our thoughts can start to turn to the Easter and summer holidays and getting away from it all. Perhaps sipping that cool cocktail by the pool or even something more energetic, such as a walking holiday in Scotland or further afield?

Well, as you probably already know, your cat’s life is just one long holiday at your expense. However, when you are away they do miss you and don’t fancy hanging out with all the other guys at the cattery as they like to be masters of their own domain, with all their creature comforts.

So the best way of ensuring their complete happiness is by giving HomeFurYou a call for all cat feeding and sitting in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We can visit once or twice a day just for a feed or for as long as they require. We will sort out their litters, set feeding timers and open and close curtains keeping your home clean and safe whilst you’re away.

So, don’t delay, call us today on 01234 964069

We are already getting booked up for some dates and your furry friends demand the best and we will make sure their every need is catered for.

Happy holidays!