Well it already seems like more than a week on from the great storm of 2018. It’s amazing to think that we were suffering then with temperatures of minus 11 and now we are enjoying the barmy heights of plus 10!

The Beast from the East certainly took everybody by surprise, not least the good folk at HomeFurYou. As usual we had quite a few cat feeds to get out to and some of the roads were pretty scary to put it mildly. However, we have never failed to reach one of our feline friends in the two years we have been running and this was no exception.

The main roads had been pretty well gritted, but it was the back and private roads where we came unstuck. I was even caught up in a snow drift at one point and didn’t even have time to put the snow socks on the tyres. Luckily the wheels kept turning and I made it through. So never fear, one way or the other, HomeFurYou will always get through even if we have to walk the last mile.

Our girls, Posh and Becks have never used a cat litter in their 15 years. With all the snow they were crossing their paws and really didn’t want to go outside, so we tried a cat litter. That was a complete disaster and they thought it was for building sandcastles. Eventually they braved it and half buried in the snow managed to do their business, whilst doing the “vet whine” at the same time.

We are now hoping that as the clocks are changing in two weeks’ time that we won’t be faced with such a situation again and we also know that your thoughts will be turning to the Easter and summer holidays. So please give us a call soon to book your cat feeding so that we can schedule you in.

Now, I might even take the snowflakes off the website at last!