This month we’ve got a special guest interview with two pampered divas (namely Posh and Becks).  Our very own Jules from HomeFurYou took time out to catch up with the ladies before dinner.

How much do you sleep every day?

Posh:  The average lion sleeps for 22 hours a day and we are within that ball park.  Sometimes in the morning Becks and me would like a bit of a lie in, but a certain person wakes us up at 6am to get ready for work.

What is your favourite colour?

Becks:  I love blood red and it looks great against my black coat.

What do you eat on a regular basis?

Becks:  Dad, gives us a really healthy diet with plenty of freshly cooked food – my favourite dinner is a nicely cooked tuna steak, whereas Posh is more a fan of organic chicken.

Do you hunt much?

Posh: I love giving mum and dad gifts and most mornings will leave something special for them.  Even better if I can deposit something live, as it’s a great source of entertainment watching the folks chase around the kitchen.

Becks:  One morning a live mouse hid in one of mum’s boots, which she’d left out overnight in the hallway.  There wasn’t much I could do to get it out, so just had to leave it and eat breakfast.  Next thing I know, mum had put her foot in the boot, screamed, turned the boot upside down and the mouse ran out [authors note:  this is a true story].

Do you help out in the house at all?

Posh:  The folks are lucky to have us at home, so we don’t feel we need to contribute.  But we do help out in the vegetable garden by digging over the soil and adding valuable organic matter.

What do you think about HomeFurYou?

Becks:  Mum and dad are making a great success of HomeFurYou and love pet sitting in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  However, we’re not quite so happy about it as it means we have to share their affection with other cats. Although they try to mask the smell, we’re not daft and know exactly what they’re up to.

If you need dad for cat sitting or feeding, you can give him a call on 01234 964069