One of the things we pride ourselves on more than anything here at HomeFurYou is your safety and security. If we can give you peace of mind when you go away either for a short weekend trip or for your two week summer break, we always put this at the top of our list.

This can range from making sure that we have no branding at all on our cars or clothing, so that we are not advertising the fact you are away to our leaving your house secure every time we visit it, perhaps by drawing curtains, setting timers or bringing the bins in.

Most importantly we look after your precious keys. Every key we hold is securely locked up at our property, but if this did become compromised, the references on the keys are not traceable to any paperwork we leave hanging around. This is because we use a password encrypted programme on our PC to ensure that the key and the documentation cannot be linked.

Of course the most important thing we do each time is to look after your beloved cats and make sure they are fed, cuddled and played with, that’s the fun part of the job. But we never forget that the house they live in is your sanctuary and you can rest assured that things are being taken care of whilst you’re away.

So if you need your cats fed and looked after in Bedfordshire, north Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire then give us a call at HomeFurYou and we’ll take care of the rest to make your break a stress free one!