This month we caught up again with our great friend and occasional co-worker Kimberley, who gave us an update on all things Rushden Persian Rescue and the busy times they are experiencing at the moment.

Kimberley told me how manic things have been and started listing some of the rescue cats that had been coming through their doors over the last couple of months. First up, is mother Mango and her three kittens. Mango was fine until the kittens arrived, but then became terrified when she suddenly had the responsibility of them in a busy house and needed the calm of the rescue centre to start relaxing again. She already has a new home set up once she is ready to move again.

The biggest upheaval of all though happened when 26(!) ragdolls came in from a breeder and took up most of the centre. Luckily most of these are already resettled in new homes. A slightly sadder story came with the arrival of Ettie, a blind sphinx kitten. She was born premature and really battled to stay alive but after a few weeks is finally going from strength to strength. She will be staying at the rescue for the rest of her life with the other blind cats.

Finally, and perhaps ¬†most surprisingly, Rufus and Luna (pictured) have been in the rescue since October. Kimberley can’t understand why they haven’t found homes yet as they are relaxed and playful so would make the ideal pets. So don’t delay – give Rushden Persian Rescue¬†a call and make their day!