We caught up again this month with our friend Kimberley from Rushden Persian Rescue. This time she only had one thing on her mind, and that’s the very cute 9 month old Romeo!

Kimberley takes up the story:- “Romeo has some serious health issues and his operation is going to cost around £1500. He came into rescue at 9 months old and we noticed he was limping on his back right leg. It was decided to take him to the vets straight away. Romeo had his xrays and he needs the surgery in both legs . He has bi-lateral Luxating Patellas , we now know exactly why he was given up for re-homing. His growth plates are still open though and he needs to wait 3 months.

Which gives us plenty of time to raise £1500, that’s the quote the vet gave for the surgery. That includes all after care and xrays needed before and after surgery.

Myself and friends Sarah, Debbie and Katie some of the rescue volunteers will be spending a whole 24 hours trapped in a cat pen at the rescue to raise money for his operation. We will be doing this on Friday 25th of August. We will be collecting money for sponsorship for this event and we would appreciate every penny towards his operation!”

Kimberley finished off by saying “Romeo is loving his kitten life with us now but this will be a long road to recovery,  but we feel it will be so worth it for him in the long run. If you cannot afford to donate please share this to your friends. Every pound adds up to ensure this little boy has a wonderful healthy life in front of him.”

Please give whatever you can afford for this fine fellow by clicking here.