Playing around with Posh and Becks got me thinking earlier this week. Why do cats purr? Is it because they are happy as most of us probably think. Or is there something deeper going on?

We all  know that when we are stroking them or feeding them,  they do purr very loudly, but apparently they also do this as a signal to other cats that there is a threat around or when they are giving birth or in pain, so it all gets a bit confusing!

Although cats use a combination of their larynx and diaphragm muscles, no one has yet established exactly how they do it. It does seem to be caused by a vibration. The craziest theory is that cats purr to aid bone regeneration! Not as stupid as it sounds, because the frequency at they which they purr is the perfect level to aid tissue growth.

It may be though, that cats are simply purring at times of great stress to soothe themselves, so that explains why Becks seems to purr after I have given her medication to her!

Here at HomeFurYou we are often greeted with our customer’s cats purring their heads off. I always think this is because they recognise me and feel secure, but that is probably just one reason. In reality they associate me as the person that feeds them and that makes them extremely happy! Maybe the best explanation for purring is the that one – they are just pleased to see us!

We hope you and your cats will be pleased to see us too. So if you are planning a holiday in 2018 or even just weekend away, trust in HomeFurYou to look after all your cat feeding whilst you are away.