Well what an amazing summer we’ve have! Record bookings, new customers and more miles travelled than ever before to make our feline friends happy.

To be honest our summer has probably stretched back as far as Easter. The school holidays kicked in and we got down to business.

In the month of August, we travelled around 2,500 miles,visited 230 households and around 570 cats were looked after on our rounds.

Our favourite figure though is the 320 litters we cleaned out. That is a lot of wood chippings!

We’ve taken care of short haired domestics, British Blues, Siamese, Maine Coons and everything else in between. We’ve looked after tabbies, gingers and many many black and whites! Our youngest cats were 8 weeks old and our eldest 22 years!

All in all we’ve had such a lot of fun. When I get asked about my job, most people either say “how did you get into this?” (simply – we love cats and wanted to offer the best service ever) or “I’m so jealous that’s my dream job!” And it very much is, we love what we do.

So just time to salute my comrades in arms, my wife Jules and our friend Tina. Thank you for making Homefuryou the best in the business. Your gold pooper scoopers are on their way.

So now you know who you need to call to look after your princes and princesses. If you live in Bedfordshire, North Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire, we’re waiting to take care of your pets from now until Christmas and beyond.