Would you believe that cats have even better hearing than dogs? They hear a wider range of sounds and hear a much higher range of pitches than humans.

They can also discriminate between the origin of sounds better than we can, making this an ideal way to hear their prey.

Both of their ears can swivel independently of each other. Making the source of any noise pinpoint accurate.

The inner engineering of a cats ear is also amazing. The tiny canals and chambers of the inner ear are full of fluid which helps them keep perfect balance. No wonder they are so agile and graceful in movement.

One thing you should be aware of though, is the fact that cats don’t necessarily recognise their names when you call them. But they do recognise their owners voices as a reassuring sign – thank goodness for that.

So, if you use HomeFurYou for all cat sitting needs, we won’t impersonate you but we will use our gentle soothing voices to make them feel totally at home!