On the first day of the year, it’s time for another interview with Posh and Becks (beloved cats of Martin and Jules)

How was your Christmas?

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home. Dad was really busy on Christmas morning playing Santa to six of our friends. We felt a bit sorry for Dad as he had to visit six different homes – that was a lot of cuddles.

Did you get any nice pressies?

We had a Santa sock each with toys, cat treats and cat milk – the cat nip went down a treat. We’re thinking about growing some in the shed this year under those special heat lamps – have to hope we don’t get busted.

What did you think of the Christmas decorations?

Well we enjoyed playing with the baubles, although do find these humans rather odd. One day early December, Dad suddenly arrived with a green tree that had been growing in a wood. He then put it in a big pot, watered it and put these lights on it. We think it’s rather strange! If January 2016 is anything to go by, he then came in took everything off again and then took the tree down the tip. We can’t figure out why they don’t just leave it up all year? When the tree’s gone we really miss it. One of our friends from next door, likes to climb up his tree although we’re a bit old for that these days.

Have you made friends with any of dad’s customers?

We do write to them from time to time and did send our best wishes via Facebook. We still feel a bit jealous when dad cuddles other cats, but we are spoiled rotten and have him to ourselves most of the time.

Any New Year resolutions?

Yep our plan this year is to find more time to relax and de-stress. We don’t think the 22 hours a day sleep is enough. We will let you know how we get on.

Happy New Year too all our cat friends and parents.

Love Posh and Becks x

*If you need to borrow our dad for cat sitting or feeding in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, please give him a call on 01234 964069