You have no idea how much we’ve missed all our furry friends over the last 18 months!  We simply love what do and really do have #thebestjobintheworld.

Our diary is looking busy once again – just how we like it and most days we’re out and about keeping the cats of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire happy, well fed, nicely groomed and most importantly – given lots of cuddles. Most of our customers have opted for staycations, which makes sense if you consider the long delays at airports.

Over the last week we have been contacted by three new customers and it’s always a joy to meet new felines.  We do of course take every precaution.  We wear a mask when in the property, gloves to enter the building and sanitise everything we touch, including a good clean of the door handle upon leaving. You can’t be too careful these days and there’s no way we want to put you (or us) at risk.  Jules and I will be having our second jabs next week.

This week we celebrated Princess Posh’s 18th birthday.  She’s simply gorgeous and still going strong without the need for any medication.  We did of course shed a tear for Becks her deceased sister who left us at the age of nearly 17.  We still miss her terribly and her picture is pride of place in our bedroom – the first thing we see every morning.

If you need someone to look after your precious felines whilst you’re away, then look no further.  Get in touch and we’ll arrange a visit to meet you and the ‘kids’.  We’ve got some lovely customers and you can read some of our reviews here:

So relax, grab a cuppa and plan that special holiday knowing full well that everything is being looked after on the home front.  Covered in the price, we also water plants, shut the curtains, turn lights on/off and of course those all important cuddles.

Happy Holidays!

Martin & Jules