Well Becks and I had such a fright this week! As usual we settled down on a Wednesday evening for supper and a well-earned rest after sleeping all day. What happened next – well, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes.

We always love the One Show and its mix of quirky showbiz stars and pop artists, coupled with stories of rip off merchants (this week a ticket company).  We are always surprised how little they cover the cat world, but I guess that would just too fast paced for a leisurely entertainment show on the Beeb.

So as I turned to Becks and chewed on my mouse satay, I remember saying to her “I bet Mum and Dad wish they were settled down with us tonight”. Especially as the main item was one of their favourite singers John Lennon. (turns out it was Legend.) Then again, they had told us that they had been called down to the coast at short notice on business and so we were Home Alone but being looked after by a HomeFurYou catsitter who works for Dad. She is lovely by the way, but don’t tell him she gives us extra treats!

Anyway, to cut a shaggy cat story short, we were absolutely stunned when we saw Mum and Dad suddenly appear on the screen and tell us that not only had they been married before (quite a shock) but that they had even owned other cats before us (an even bigger shock).

They came across pretty well to be honest thanks to the soft lighting, but we did think it was strange that they didn’t mention the best service of cat sitting in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire; HomeFurYou.

What an opportunity missed!
All the best, Posh.