Since setting up the business, Jules and I have cleared hundreds of litters.  Some of them are quick and easy, whereas others take quite some time.  We’re used to litter all over the floor which often needs a good hoover (and that’s the easy ones).  Sometimes our feline friend has missed altogether, which means putting on the rubber gloves and taking a deep breath.  Whatever the litter, rest assured everything will be clean and tidy by the time you get home. We’ve even introduced air freshener to the company cleaning kit, so don’t be surprised if you get a whiff of that HomeFurYou perfume upon opening the door.

Compared to dogs, cats are easy – we don’t need to take them outside to do their business.  As we all know cats are incredibly clean and spend hour after hour grooming themselves each day.  They can be trained to use a litter tray without too much trouble. All us servants need to do is to clean out the litter on a daily basis and change the complete tray when needed.

I couldn’t quite believe the number of litters which are out there.  We’ve seen what looks like grey sand, wooden pellets, white crystals (not the expensive kind), white tiny stones and so many more.  So what have we found is the best type of litter to use?

From experience we can say that the grey sand type is best.  To be precise the litter is made up of granules combined with medium grain clay.  The result is a superior clumping quality, that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box.  As smells are kept to a minimum, chemicals are not required to control the odour.  Sounds good doesn’t it.

We found a few suppliers offering the product on Amazon – here’s an example (although we are not taking a commission you understand).

As part of my company tool kit, Martin recently brought me a new pooper scooper – a gift I will enjoy for many years to come.  He’s such a romantic! So whether you are in Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire, rest assured your litter is in good hands.

Until my next blog, have a good week.