This month, we caught up with Annabel Clark, a lady we call the “Queen of SEO” who does all of our web optimisation and works for the amazing Upperdog. She shared her  story about her new feline friend.  Louie is an adorable cat, all the way from Romania but who now has settled by the seaside in the UK. This little kitten has a very interesting story and we thought our readers would like to hear it!

Louie’s original name is actually Brian. He was rescued by a group of volunteers who strive to get stray cats and dogs in Romania adopted to loving homes.  To do this, people in the UK can sponsor an animal to pay for their transport and vaccinations – in return they get to decide the animal’s name! Annabel decided that whilst Brian’s sponsor must’ve had a good reason for picking the name Brian (possible Monty Python fan?), Louie suited him better once she met him.

Louie was found in Romania living under a car with a dog and is very happy being around other cats. He was brought over to the UK with some other kittens who he lived with in a foster home for a short time.

He is thought to be the runt of the litter as his build is small but he’s quite muscular – and always up for climbing, jumping and playing! He is around 1 year old and definitely has the cheekiness of a kitten (including breaking into the food cupboard on a regular basis to chew a hole through the bag).

Whilst he’s quite well-travelled now and has his own passport, he’s very settled in his new home where he rules the roost. Louie’s favourite past time is to sit and watch everything going on outside the window. And when he’s not doing that you’ll usually find him sleeping or on the iPad.