We’d love to introduce you to a new friend of ours – Arthur! As regular readers will know, we our sponsors of Cats Protection and they frequently write to us to tell us who is the latest occupant of “our pen”. This is the moggie that our donation is curently benefitting and he looks like he is thriving on it.

Arthur is a shy but loving boy who was first admitted to Cats Protection because his previous owners were moving and could not take take him with them because their new property did not allow pets.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until the delightful Arthur finds a loving new home, but in the meantime it is wonderful to know he is in such safe hands. You never know, he might even move into Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire onto “our round” and we could be providing him with cat feeding services or one of the many other services we offer such as gardening or cleaning. Call 01234 964069 for more info!

Look forward to seing you soon Arthur!