A question we’ve been asked before is how do I keep my cat fit?  Dogs are relatively easy, you simply take them out of the house and let them go for a run across the fields. If you have a ball, then they will simply play catch all day long.

Cats aren’t so easy and as we all know will do things on their terms. They are way too superior to run across a field and catch a ball thrown by a stupid human.

It’s important that cats exercise as it:

  • Helps with controlling the weight and waist line!
  • Encourages outdoor activities – the vitamin D helps too
  • Maintains a healthy heart, lungs and a coat

So the best way to encourage your feline friend to exercise is through play.  We’ve spent quite a bit of money over the years with toys, but always go back to the faithful ball of string.  The catnip comes in helpful at times, which is often followed by the munchies and a little nap.

We’ve covered our ‘friends’ but its just as important for the owners to keep fit too.  You might have seen that Jules my wife,  having qualified in Circuit instruction and as a Personal Trainer, is now running group fitness classes in Harrold-Odell Country Park and Priory Country Park.

The sessions start at 9:30am and are held every Saturday morning.  There’s no contract to sign and you simply show up.  For a special HomeFurYou incentive, the first two sessions are free.  We’ve already got some of our lovely HFY customers showing up.  Unfortunately, the cats are not invited but you can certainly pass some of the exercises on.

To find out more, take a look at www.fitbiznow.co.uk/groupclasses.  Fun is guaranteed and you will get fit without even realising it.  Look forward to seeing you in the Parks.

Take care