Jules and myself have always kept cats. Growing up, Jules owned Blackie. Michelle was my family cat. In those days it seems there was always a family member or neighbour to feed our cats when our families went away for a weekend or longer period. These days that seems more difficult to arrange because of people’s busy working lives, hence the reason for setting up HomeFurYou.

We have always travelled in our corporate lives. So can completely understand people wanting their cats to receive the same care, attention and cuddles when they go away as they would provide if they were around. In addition, being away with the day job also means that those essential tasks around the home get neglected or you find yourself desperately cleaning the house or doing the ironing just before you have to make the dash to airport. We have lost count of the number of times we have done this ourselves.

All this could change with the services that HomeFurYou offer along with feeding your cat. Why not give us a call and get the ball rolling!