We’re so excited to introduce you to our refreshed new website! All of the same features are on there, but we have made it so much easier to navigate and find out what we offer and how to get in touch.

We’ve also freshened up the look and feel a lot, giving it a bright new colour palette and featuring a gallery of all our adorable cats and other smaller animals.

On every page you will find a Contact Us button and so if time is a premium, you can drop us a line or call us. In no time at all we’ll be setting up an initial meeting with you to start getting to know your beloved pets.

All of the same advantages of using Homefuryou for your pet care are here, but we’ve handily placed then all on the homepage, so you can see at a glance just what we offer. The same goes for our pricing page which is easy to understand. Don’t forget those free cuddles!

There are some pictures of us too. We’re not as cute as the animals of course, but we thought it would give you piece of mind to know who is caring for your precious pets!

And talking of piece of mind, you’ll see we are fully covered by Petplan Sanctuary, CRB checked and if that doesn’t convince you, then our Reviews section certainly will. We have now included every single 5 star review we have received, so don’t just take our word for how good we are.

So to sum up – check out our new website now, it’s a lot of fun. Same great service guaranteed!