Hello everyone, I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to write today’s blog for HomeFurYou! Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Abi, some of you may have already met me on the occasional feeds of your lovely feline friends and I’ve been a proud member of the HomeFurYou team since February 2020

I really enjoy spending time getting to know your cats, so it only seems fair that you get to know little more about me. I would describe myself as a typical crazy animal girl!  From a young age my life revolved around my pets and I was lucky enough to be allowed dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, chickens and a tortoise. I was the kid that took my dog in for show and tell at nursery, I was totally obsessed with my pets! Fast forward 25 years and I’m now a graduate from Anglia Ruskin University with an honour’s degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. I loved my course and it covered everything from animal training, welfare, wildlife, biology, lab work, zoo enclosure design and animal psychology. I like to think that my degree helps me understand your pets a little better.  Cats can be sassy and independent animals and I get real satisfaction in working out how to win their trust, especially with the elusive souls.

When I’m not helping the HomeFurYou team keep your furry friends well fed and loved, you’ll find me out and about dog walking, pet sitting and dog grooming via my little business PAWSitively Pets. I also volunteer with SPDC Cyprus, rehoming neglected and abused dogs from the kill pounds. As you can tell, my life revolves around animals, my clothes are always covered in pet hair and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

No doubt our paths will cross in the future, so the next time you hear ‘Abi will be doing the next feed’ you’ll know exactly who I am and who the lucky lady feeding your cats is.