As most of you will know that follow us on social media, Jules and I recently came back from the Poland/Ukraine border where we worked in an animal supplies warehouse, helped the refugees arriving in the reception centre and looked after sick animals being brought in over the border.

We were able to personally unload and get your incredibly generous donations to the people that desperately needed them, which was so important to us. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and left us emotional and very moved by the plight of these brave people.

So much so, that we have decided to launch a second campaign, now we have a much better idea of what is needed on the ground.

Here are the details of the campaign and if you need further advice or information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We urgently need the following please by 23 June:

1. Pet supplies – Cat litter, pooper scoopers, poo bags, puppy food, kitten food, dog leads, cat harnesses/leads, flea treatment (cats and dogs), wormer treatment (cats and dogs), sachets of cat food (adult), sachets of dog food (adult), blankets, soft baskets/bedding (dog and cat), brushes (dog and cat), cat carriers (canvas preferred).

2. Suitcases on wheels and rucksacks – refugees are carrying their lifelong possessions in carrier bags. These are urgently needed to help with their onward journey.

3. Laptops and tablets for an orphanage in Poland which is looking after over 130 children from Ukraine (the youngest is 2 months old). These devices are needed to help with online schooling from their teachers in Ukraine. All laptops will be professionally wiped and returned to factory settings

Please help us to send thousands of items to the the border. To arrange to drop off your items, please PM us. If you would rather donate for products we can buy on the ground, then please contribute to our just giving page –…/julesmartinukraine…

Thank you so much again for all of your support!

Martin and Jules x