Wow that was quite some December.  Martin and I are still recovering from the early starts and the challenges of getting to our feline friends with all the flooding in the region.  Four of the bridges we normally use were out of action, which meant massive diversions across country.

On Christmas Eve we visited 11 households and 10 on Boxing Day – the busiest days we have ever had in December since starting the business a tad over four years ago.  On Christmas Eve, the cats were eagerly awaiting our arrival and wondering if they had been on Santa’s nice list.  The good news is that everyone got a gift from Santa, although this couldn’t be shared until the owners arrived home.  So we left treats, catnip and yogurt for all our feline friends carefully positioned on the higher cupboards.  But in one case we under-estimated the ninja qualities of a couple of cats and somehow (we have no idea) they managed to get to the catnip. We arrived the next morning to find the bag ripped open on the kitchen floor and the contents scattered across the floor.  We had a big clean-up operation, whilst the cats seemed very relaxed in the corner (hardly surprising).

We had a lot of fun over Christmas wearing our elf or santa outfits and aiming to get some selfies.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a cat to pose for a selfie?  It was only after New Year’s Eve that the number of feeds started to reduce and now we can catch up on some sleep.  The diary is looking good for next year and we have bookings going right through to September 2020.  Our customers are certainly very organised and give us plenty of notice which is lovely.  But we do pride ourselves on taking last minute bookings, as we fully understand that these things happen.  That’s exactly the reason we set up Homefuryou. We needed someone to look after our girls (Posh and Becks) for the weekend and were told by other cat feeding businesses, that they couldn’t fit us in for a month.  Hardly adaptable!  Combined with our love of cats, this seemed the perfect business for us. 

Have an amazing year, thanks for your business and friendship in 2019.  We look forward to seeing your feline friends soon.

Love Jules x