…..Following a chest scan, the vet called us with the diagnosis and we were totally shocked.  He advised us that there were black spots on the lungs and although he expected cancer, he couldn’t be sure until she went under the knife.  We didn’t want to do this with a 13 year old cat.  We sought a second opinion, from Andy an incredible vet who had only been qualified for one year. He confirmed the diagnosis and for one week Martin and I went around in a daze not knowing what to do.  Should we let her live out the rest of her life and then ease her suffering at the right time; risk an operation or explore alternatives to prolong her life.

We both decided we would do whatever it took to get her well.  That night I contacted vets in the US and asked for guidance. They were very responsive and we found a vet who specialised in alternative remedies.  He recommended a drug called Corpet, which is based on a Himalayan root fungal. We researched the scientific data on this and forwarded to Andy (our very own super vet).  He read the documents page by page and said there was no harm in giving it a go.

We ordered the drugs from the US and alongside this we set about giving her the healthiest of diets.  Jumbo prawns, fresh liver, organic chicken, 5% fat mince etc.  Andy also recommended the steam from a hot shower, so Becks regularly joined us in the bathroom. We slept downstairs with her so that we could comfort her if she was distressed or ill in the night.

Day by day, she seemed to be showing signs of improvement.  Soon after we took Becks back to the vet, who confirmed to our delight that the tumours were reducing in size.

Three months on with a huge amount of love, perseverance, diet and the alternative drugs an x-ray confirmed that the tumours had disappeared…..completely. Andy was over joyed and simply couldn’t understand how this could have happened.  He said, “the scientist in me struggles with how this worked, but obviously I’m delighted”.

That was over three years ago and Becks couldn’t be happier or stronger.  We just loving being at home with them and with the Spring coming they will join us in the garden.

Posh and Becks, are the inspiration behind our business. Three years ago we set up a successful cat feeding business ie we visit houses in the area and feed cats (cuddles are thrown in for free).   www.homefuryou.com looks after 150 cats and is a lovely business to run.

Thanks to Cats Protection from the start, we have two beautiful girls who mean so much to us and have become an important part of our lives – we will never forget them.