It’s been a busy time in HomeFurYou and we’re regularly visiting 10 homes a day, looking after our Princes and Princesses across Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  We’re very lucky to have three brilliant people working alongside us, Abbie, Katie and Tina, who have kept cats most of their lives.  You can find out more about the team here.

We love our job certainly the #bestjobintheworld and 99.99% of the time everything goes swimmingly and all our purrfect felines are happy and content.  We give out plenty of cuddles so when the owners do come home, they won’t be faced with that cold-stare and a turn of the back.

When things do go wrong then we’re always on hand to do what’s required.  We had one lady who lost electricity in her home, so we were able to sort that out.  Another time we found a leak in a conservatory, so contacted the owner to advise we’d put a bucket down. We’re always happy to put bins out, water the garden, the vegetable plot, turn lights on etc.  This is all part of the service of course, at no extra cost.

But what happens when a precious feline, guinea pig, or other small animal needs medical help and fast?  We treat every animal as if it was our own, and always think “would I take Posh to the vet at this moment”.  If the answer is yes, then we immediately contact the owner, talk through the issue, send over a video and pictures and then discuss next steps. 

If this means a trip to the vet, then we check our secure online system, verify the vet details and look up insurance details (if in place).  The appointment is set and then we personally take the poorly animal to the vet and wait outside (Covid-19 rules).  We keep the owner in constant touch, even sometimes arranging a conference call with the owner, vet and us.

The course of treatment is decided on and then we administer any drugs or agree an overnight stay.  We will then pick up the animal if needed following a short stay in the vets and spend extra time at the house.

This is all part of the service and without any extra cost.  Our priority is the wellbeing of the animals under our care.  Owners are placing massive faith in us and we promise not to let them down.  We act as you would, as after all our animals are everything to us.

Best wishes

Jules & Martin