If you’ve read these blogs down the years, you’ll know that this time of year meant a lot to Becks our much missed darling. And the Christmas tree in particular was Beck’s favourite place to live, sleep and eat for six weeks. Well, sadly our beautiful baby is no longer with us, but her place beneath the Christmas tree is in safe hands.

Flo joined us this summer and despite being an elderly lady and having a few health issues, the tree has given her such a lift. Is it the smell of pine, is it the lights or is just her sheer incredulity that the humans have brought in a tree from outside?! Either way, she can’t leave it alone, either playing with the baubels or gazing up at the lights.

For us, this is bittersweet of course. It makes us very happy that we have Flo in our lives and enjoying Christmas, but it also reminds us that Becks has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. (She even has her own Christmas tree out in the garden all year long).

Either way, we know that somehow Flo is acting in tribute to our Becks and that animals are always in our hearts forever. Whether it’s Christmas or anytime of the year.