We’ve updated this story! Flo is now 20!!

We thought this would be a great time to introduce our new princess to you all. Flo is 19 years old and used to be one of our customers, alongside her darling brother Dylan who sadly passed away recently. When Flo’s owners decided to retire earlier this year and move permanently to their property in Greece, they had the painful dilemma of finding Flo’s forever home. Not wanting to leave her behind, but knowing that she wouldn’t be fit for such a long jouney they turned to HomeFurYou for advice.

How could we resist!? Although we knew that we would have to very carefully manage the integration of Flo and Posh, we didn’t want to upset our own princess and decided we would give it two weeks before we made a final decision to keep the new minor royal.

Well, it wasn’t easy and I wouldn’t for a moment say that Posh is ever going to be best buddies with the new interloper. But they have found a way of co-existing in the same house, whilst very much having their own space and safe areas in which to feel at home.

I think Flo would love to cuddle up to Posh, but that just isn’t going to happen!

Flo is such a personality. Her health is not great but she is in to everything. We never get a breakfast or mealtime to ourselves as she wants to join in and try to eat everything and she jumps all over us at night, with her favourite trick being hair eating. She is fascinated by Jules’s long locks!

She is simply a delight to have around and even if she is only with us for a short time, she is going to leave some precious memories.