Goodness me it’s been busy.  Last week we did 51 visits in 7 days – morning and night feeds.  We’ve met some really lovely felines.

We became friends with a new cat called Spooky (a black feline of course).  Then there was Dylan and Florence who are 18 but look 8.  We asked the owner because we thought we’d made an error on our records.  Every day they’d wait for us to come around the corner, then run over.  What a delight.

Then there’s Digby and Gunther who we met as young kittens and a few months on, so excited to see how they’d grown up.  We shouldn’t forget noisy sisters Sharon and Tracey, who greet us at the door and miaow endlessly until we feed them.

We could list out all the wonderful felines we look after, but we think you get the picture.  We love looking after cats and couldn’t think of a better job – #bestjobintheworld.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be asking our customers if they have any plans for Christmas.  We took the festive period off last year (the first time in four years), but this year we’re back on.  We have limited bookings, so need to get everyone in the diary.   Who knows where the world will be by Christmas and if we can travel – got to keep positive.

We’ve had some great reviews over the years and you can find these on our Testimonial page.  We’ve become friends with many of our customers and love to do a great job.  We treat every feline as if it was our own and we love them just as much.

So if you need some cat care whilst your on holiday or away for that weekend, please contact us now!

Martin & Jules