In our previous blog about Cat Cafes we talked about the benefits of keeping a pet or being in close proximity to one. The stress relieving qualities and the general feeling of everything being alright with the world when you are stroking a moggie,  can’t be emphasised enough.

And now there is some solid evidence to back this up. A recent report called “One of the Family” authored by Dr Nancy Gee, Human Animal Interaction Research Manager at Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, suggests there is evidence that children turn to pets for comfort, support, reassurance and emotional support.

In addition to this, the costs to our creaking NHS system that are saved because of the health benefits of keeping a pet are estimated at around £2.3 billion a year. This can be seen every day in the local park in the shape of dog walkers. It is thought that dog owners walk up to three times a day more than non-owners and cover an average of 21 miles per week.

The good folk here at HomeFurYou certainly look forward to our days of de-stressing and spending time with our customers’ cats when they are away. We make sure that we don’t just feed them and leave, but spend quality time with them, playing and stroking the cats of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

So when you return from your holiday, your cat will be very chilled out and we will be even more healthy as a result of having the best job in the world!