We’ve mentioned Palmerston the No 10 cat a lot on our Facebook site,  so I started thinking about other famous cats down the years. Possibly the best well known cat of all time is Dick Whittingdon’s cat. Dick was a humble pauper but rose to fame with his trusted moggie and eventually became Lord Mayor of London.

The most famous animated cat would have to be Tom of Tom and Jerry fame. Always getting into scrapes and never getting the mouse, Tom was still a star. Closely followed in the animated stakes by Top Cat. A real ally cat who never took second place to Officer Dibble.

At HomeFurYou,  we have many famous sounding cats from Elvis to Buffy to Aslan. But all of our customers cuddly friends are true stars and we love them all!

Most famous of all in our world of course are Posh and Becks! They ignore each other about as much as the real Beckhams’ probably do,  but we forgive them these diva like qualities.

If you want your star felines looking after – you know where to come. HomeFurYou has been pampering cats for over two years now with some lovely feedback. Just take a look at our Testimonials page!

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