Martin and myself had a rather surreal experience recently when we appeared in the newspaper and on television! The reason why we were featured was because we have been married before to each other, divorced and then remarried! With the news about Phil Collins doing something very similar fresh in the media, the Daily Mail contacted us to arrange a photoshoot and an interview. It was fun for an evening prancing around in new frocks and having my make up done and best of all we got to pose with Posh and Becks for the official family photo which you can see on these pages.

The story was duly published and we rushed to the shops to buy 6 copies, as did my parents! There was a great buzz on social media and we thought that would be that. But one thing leads to another and the This Morning tv team soon came calling. Would we be happy to go on there for a live interview with the rather gorgeous Phil and Holly!? You bet! We loved the whole experience and conquered our nerves in the green room and again more make up! The presenters and crew were lovely and we got to stand ten yards away from the great Rick Wakeman (one of our heroes) just before we went on. The interview was a blur but we seemed to get through it and then the social media buzz started up again, both good and bad!

So after our 15 minutes of fame we are more than happy to return to the shadows and concentrate our efforts on running the best cat business there is. But it was a lot of fun whilst it lasted.

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