Mum and dad are still at home and getting in my way.  I used to love walking from room to room, having a nap and a bite to eat.  But they are here all the time and making comments about what I get up to every day.  Thank goodness for Zoom, as at least I can have regular cat catch-ups with my pals in the street and my pen pals in the US who I visited last year.

As I mentioned last time, I’m intrigued by the white fabric humanoids are putting on their faces.  So, I ordered one from QVC shopping channel and gave it a go.  I do think my fur is feeling a bit softer, although I’m not convinced that this works for me.  Anyhow I’ll keep going and let you know how I get on with this wonderful skin treatment.

During one of my trips to the lounge to remind the humanoids that it’s snack time, I happened to catch the news.  I can’t believe the humanoids can be so cruel.  There was footage of a 99-year old war veteran, who was walking around in circles in his garden.  They were making him do at least 100 laps with the support of a metal frame.  I can’t imagine what he’s done to be subjected to such a punishment.  Feeling quite scared that the same was going to happen to me, I spoke to dad.  He explained that the chap was Tom Moore, an amazing man who was raising funds for the NHS.  Feeling confident about my safety I found a spot in the sun for a nap.

Last Saturday mum brought a laptop out into the garden and then started jumping up and down in front of it. Was this some strange mating ritual aimed at dad? Possibly a new tribal dance?  There were other people on the screen who were doing something similar, so I can only imagine it’s some strange way the humanoids are entertaining themselves?

It seems that the humanoids may well be with me for another three weeks.  That totally blows out the water my plans for a cat BBQ early May.  I have of course cancelled this event and will reschedule for later in the year.  We’ve still got the mice we’ve been catching all Winter in the freezer, so can still make the burgers we planned.

Look forward to catching up with you in two weeks, when perhaps I can make sense of all of this.

Stay safe, remember the 6 foot rule (ie six cats).

Love Posh x