Three weeks ago I was free to roam around the house – eat, drink, sleep and then repeat. I would enjoy long walks in the countryside, combined with a number of sports including mouse catching, terrorising the local neighbour’s cat and rabbit chasing.

Well I have no idea what’s happened around here.  Suddenly mum who was working in Guernsey didn’t catch that early morning flight and dad didn’t have a list of jobs to do either. Mum arrived home unannounced with her laptop and suddenly told dad that she would be working from home for the forceable future – well at least 12 weeks.  I remember that day clearly, as I’d just woken up from a long nap and was patiently waiting for my lunch by the back door.

I knew that dad had been worried about mum passing through Gatwick airport and the neighbourhood cats were gossiping about flights being cancelled and that humanoids were wearing strange white fabric in front of their face – perhaps they were in disguise or this was a new skin treatment. All very strange to the feline population.  Do you think this treatment would help with my wrinkles?

Mum and dad watched the news more regularly and seemed anxious.  But as far as I was concerned mum and dad were at home and the family was complete.  Well almost complete.  We all still missed Becks desperately, who had left this world six weeks earlier just as Covid-19 was starting to break in Europe.  It was almost that she knew something was going to happen and decided it wasn’t for her.

Over the coming weeks, I’d love to share with you my thoughts from a cat’s perspective.  How am I coping with self-isolation and having to stay in; will the food supplies get through; how do I keep my paws clean (gloves are really not very convenient for cats).  #stayathome seems to be the phrase of the moment. 

Right then, it’s time for a nap – loving mum and dad being at home all the time with unlimited cuddles and food on tap.


Posh x