We’re used to writing ‘nice’ blogs about the wonderful world of cat feeding, but this time we have a serious message for you. With the onset of CoronaVirus, HomeFurYou is taking every precaution to protect both you, your family and your home.

If Martin, Tina, Abi or Katie suffer any of the CoronaVirus symptons then they will not set foot in your property. They will then follow the NHS guidelines and self-isolate. Before entering your property we will put on a pair of single-use gloves and we will sanitise any surfaces that we touch.

We’ve recently had to change our own holiday to the US from April to October. The person we booked the accommodation through has been very understanding and has allowed us to change the dates free of charge. At HomeFurYou we are also very fair. If you need to change or cancel your own holiday, then please don’t hesitate to let you know. We will offer you a full refund or simply change the dates for you.

We can’t believe that we are having to write a blog such as this. Please take every care and if you are an existing customer and having to self-isolate then please let us know. We will be happy to drop off food and any other items that you need. Martin and I will look out for you and do everything we can to help.

Jules xx