We’ve recently had some hot weather and I imagine we’ll see another burst of it before summer is out. So it seemed like a good time to think about how to keep your cats cool.

We’ve always kept cats and found that the following might just help:

• Keep the water bowls topped up – put some ice in the water or keep a bottle in the fridge.

• Make sure there’s plenty of shade in the garden, or put a parasol up.

• For long-haired cats, try and groom daily as matted hair traps heat.

• Encourage your cat to relax, rather than running around all day – easier said than done.

• If you can, create a retreat in a quiet area of the house. Perhaps put a cardboard box on its side and place a cotton towel inside.

Most importantly, heat stroke. This only happens on really hot days and the vet needs to be contacted immediately. The signs are rapid breathing, extreme distress, skin hot to the touch, glazed eyes, vomiting and drooling.

Martin and I are well aware of the symptoms and if any of the cats we look after show any signs of distress, then we will contact your vet immediately and keep you informed.

So enjoy your well-earned holiday and leave us to take care of the family back home.

Have a great summer.
Martin and Jules x