So the tree is up and Posh and Becks are wearing sunglasses to avoid the glare from  the 1,200 lights on it! Their days as kittens are well past them and so thankfully we don’t come down in the morning to find them abseiling down the full 7 foot height of the tree. They do however, seem to love sleeping under it, perhaps it’s the smell of pine or just the fascination with these stupid humans bringing in something that should belong in the garden?!

The extra people in the house are a bit of pain for them too, but hey it’s very cold outside and so there is no way they are going out unless the call of nature becomes too much. It is only when they do venture out that they realise the outside of the house has been turned into a landing strip for Luton airport.  Just why is the house covered in another 1000 lights? And why are those inflatables dragging down the neighbourhood? Why couldn’t we have nice classy parents. So embarrassing in front of our feline friends.

All in all though, they know that they’ll never be left Home Alone at Christmas because HomeFurYou will always be there to not only feed them,  but also all their cat cousins in who need cat sitting in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Call 01234 964069 to find out more.

Merry Christmas humans!