Ever wondered why cats have whiskers?! Yes, me too. I know it makes our furry friends even cuter,  but do they have a practical use?

Well, yes they do. Cats whiskers are highly developed sensory devices to help the cat in the dark and steer it away from predators.

At the root of each of these stuff hairs is a follicle loaded with nerves.

Cats use their whiskers to brush against objects to gauge the exact size and location of the object even in the dark. This proves especially useful when cats try to squeeze through tight spaces as their whiskers are exactly the same width as their bodies.

Whiskers also give cats human owners a good sense of the mood of their cat. If the whiskers are stretched taut across their face they are tense and on edge and if they are drooping away from the face they are more relaxed.

All fascinating stuff we hope you agree. And here at HomeFurYou we offer you the CatsWhiskers of a service, so you know your feline friends are being cared for in their own home.