As we took the last of the Christmas decorations and the tree down at the weekend, I started thinking about cats. Becks has basically lived under the Christmas tree for six weeks. I’m not sure if she loved the smell of pine needles or the bright lights but it definitely brightened her mood. She seemed excitable and more vocal the whole time. Maybe she just loves Christmas?!

Now the tree is down she seems withdrawn and moody so maybe it’s just the mid winter blues we all suffer from.

Do cats get depressed? The jury is out on this one. Some people say that cats are not subject to the range of emotions we humans exhibit. Others say that cats can become withdrawn and down. Apparently this happens because of a change to their routine such as a different type of food etc. This also includes putting your precious kids in a cattery when you go on holiday or away for a weekend. That’s where we come in at HomeFurYou. Your cats stay happy and content in their own home with lots of snuggles.

I’ve found that the best way to ease Becks into 2019 is to go big on the cat nip and feed her some of her favourite meals such as tuna or sardines. It’s slowly working the trick and before we know it the lighter evenings and sunshine will be back. I know I miss these things and maybe just maybe, our feline friends feel the same way.

One final thing – we’ve let Becks keep her gingerbread scratching house (in the picture) for January, to ease her out of winter!

Happy New Year to all of our customers and may your cats be happy!