We noticed that our precious girls, Posh and Becks loved rolling around on their backs just asking for their tummies to be tickled. Martin and I had a chat about this and decided to research why they do this.

When Posh rolls over onto her back and shows her tummy, she is totally relaxed and very comfortable. This means that everything is fantastic in her world and she is in dreamland. This a sign that Posh wants to be petted and made a fuss of.

Some cats will roll over to say ‘hi’ and possibly that they expect a good grooming. The best thing is to give a good belly rub.

Be Careful
If you don’t know the cat, then be very careful. Rolling over onto the back may not be an invitation for you to give her/him a belly rub. She/he may simply be lounging around and doesn’t want to be interrupted. Watch out for other signs – if the tail is flicking back and forth or if his/her ears are slightly back, try again another time.

Here at HomeFurYou we always give plenty of cuddles and love giving belly rubs. We haven’t got the signs wrong yet. It’s sometimes hard to leave the house as we have so many lovely cats, but there’s always the next feed to do.

If you’re like us to look after your precious felines in their own home, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The summer will be upon us before we know it, so best to get that booking made so that’s one thing off your holiday list.