With another heatwave forecast next week we thought this would be a great time to remind you of the dangers of the sun to your cats and other pets.

It is a little know fact that cats can get sunburnt and even in worse case scenarios develop skin cancer. They are of course unable to ask you for the sun cream on one of these very hot days, so we need to be looking out for the obvious signs of them dozing too long in the sun and possibly burning to a frazzle.

There are loads of animal products on the market to combat the sun, but always be careful to read the label. Never use human sunscreen because it often has harmful ingredients which won’t suit your cat.

If you can encourage your cat to spend the hottest hours of the day out of the sun, then all the better. However, if they insist on getting that towel on the deckchair before their neighbours then be prepared and buy them some protection and keep it handy during the summer months.

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Stay safe, both you and your feline friends!