Cat Cafes

So, I find myself in Manchester and of course, I gravitate towards my twin passions – cats and coffee!

I’m in one of the 9 cat cafes in the UK! These feline pit stops have been springing up gradually over the last couple of years in our major cities. The Cat Café in Manchester has been running since early summer.

The concept (like all the best ideas) is simple and yet brilliant. You get to have your daily caffeine hit surrounded by ten of the finest cats in the city. You can stroke them, relax with them and generally just de-stress. The cats all tend to be on the pedigree side of the animal kingdom, but the café is also looking to add rescue cats if they are OK with being with this number of people on a regular basis. They are fed and watered by the owners, and have space to roam or to be on their own if they want to be. They also totally rule the place. Just like home then, really!?

Some rules of the house – you have to take your shoes off on the way in (hygiene) and you have to book a slot to visit or hope that one of the ten casual places every hour is free. You pay for how long you stay, not for the wonderful coffee or cakes that are available. So for around £12 an hour you get to spend some quality cat time and know that these guys are totally pampered.

The café gives a proportion of their profits to cat charities so everyone is happy.

One day, HomeFurYou is hoping to open its own branch of a cat café in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, but for now, we are just happy that fellow cat lovers have a place to go in our cities where they can just escape the madness even for an hour or so.

What a purr-fect idea!

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