OK, we’re a little early but Martin and I are just nuts about Christmas.  Last weekend the tree was purchased from Willington, the tree was dressed and Sunday morning we were up ladders fixing the lights to the outside of the house.  The mulled wine was on tap and we kept nice and warm despite the cold.

The good news is the house is ready and the cats are getting so excited about Christmas.  We often wonder what they think about a tree coming into the house once a year. Becks loves the smell and will spend most the time sleeping underneath it.  The baubles are never in one place long, as she plays with them all day and the needles are already on the carpet.  Becks just loves the lights and her bed is right beside the tree – this really cheers her up this time of year.

As for Posh, on the first day she is very uncertain but then soon gets into the swing of things.  The girls have already hung up their stockings for Santa and posted their Christmas list.  The usual request on the list, tuna, salmon and catnip in a ball.  One year we wrapped up the catnip, put it under the tree only to find Posh had opened it and pushed all the other pressies to one side.

We’d love to see your pictures of your cats under the tree – please post them on our Facebook page.

Happy Christmas decorating.

Best wishes

Jules & Martin x