Why is it that when we are going on holiday or before our cleaner arrives for the weekly clean, we feel the need to clean the house! Don’t worry if you do this because official data shows that most of us do this either from feelings of guilt or embarrassment or just because it is the one motivation for making us do this ourselves?

Sounds mad doesn’t it, but there is some logic in this behaviour. For instance if you have had a quick tidy round then it enables your cleaner to just concentrate on the areas in most need of a deep clean and to work their way around a complete mess would take much longer.

However, we here at HomeFurYou say; kick back, relax, and get ready for your holiday! Our cleaners  are highly skilled and very efficient in just getting on with the job and in no time at all your house will be spotless and clean. If you are off on holiday, there is no greater feeling in the world than returning to an immaculate house, with all your ironing done and perhaps even some basic food essentials in your fridge. This enables you just to get over the jetlag and contemplate the return to the Monday 9-5.At least you will be able to concentrate on looking at the photos and not dreading the big clean up.

It would be wonderful too wouldn’t it, if cats could be trained to perform all these tasks and we sometimes like to give them secret lives in our imagination when we are away, but they never seem to get the hint! So, just be reassured that our cat sitting services in Bedfordshire will look after the little darlings whilst you’re away and the house will be like new. Call 01234 964069 today.

Now enjoy that well deserved break!