In the 18 months that HomeFurYou has been running, we have met many wonderful customers and become friends with all of them. The HomeFurYou family is always growing and word of mouth has been one of the main reasons that the business has grown so quickly.

However, we must never forget our furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends, because without them we wouldn’t have a business. The names of our customer’s pets never cease to amaze and amuse us. From Buffy to Nigel and everything in between. Then again as our own cats are called Posh and Becks, who are we to judge!

Recent additions to the HomeFurYou stable have included two very cute guinea pigs and a rabbit and we have a good sprinkling (if that’s the right term) of fish in amongst our menagerie. We always welcome new pets of course, but never forgetting we are a feline based business at heart. If you have an interesting pet of any other variety, we are always happy to talk!

So as the title says, it really has become a home from home for your pets in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. The care we offer is spot on whether you have a kitten or an older cat such as one of our favourites – Poppy who is a fantastic 21 years old. We never forget they are part of your family and give them the same care we give to our two beloved moggies.

Now let’s go and answer that email from the snake owner!