Just four short years ago, Jules and I were looking for cat sitters for Posh and Becks. We didn’t like the idea of catteries at all and wanted them to be comfortable in their own home. After lots of ringing around, we realised that unless you gave at least a months’ notice you stood very little chance. As our request was for a last minute city break, that was very difficult to arrange. Secondly, we noticed that prices varied considerably from business to business. And finally, we also noticed that some cat sitters would only visit if you lived in their town or village and not further afield.

Then fate took a hand and a routine doctor’s appointment turned into a health scare. I was advised I had high pressure and at risk of a stroke. So the ever practical Jules, advised me to hand in my notice and spend some time with our gorgeous girls (Posh and Becks). I took the time to re-evaulate my life and realised I had spent 35 years in the corporate sector and not enjoyed what I was doing. The answer was staring me in the face and had pointy ears and whiskers.

So we set up HomeFurYou and the rest is history. We undertook to always meet last minute requests, to have a clear pricing policy offering freebies for loyalty and to cover a radius of ten miles.

Our business was all about being reliable, professional and spending lots of time with the customers (our real customers have fur and whiskers). We always go the extra mile. If you sign up with us you get regular whatsapp updates including pictures and videos. Essential for that peace of mind when you are away and we keep a watching eye on your house.

Above all you get us! You get me, you get my wife Jules and you get my amazing colleagues Tina, Abi and Katie. We couldn’t have done any of this without them. Especially as we sometimes have our own holidays and need cover too!

We have made genuine friends with lots of our customers. Some of them have even helped with the business. IT whizz kids such as Clive and Chris have helped us improve our technical offering. We now have an instant quoting system and we pride ourselves on our reviews and response times.

Here’s to the next four years and the next 100 customers. Here’s to making new friends and to the #bestjobintheworld.

We have had a lot of laughs and some interesting moments along the way (the book is in the works I promise you!)

So, don’t forget if you live in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire please get in touch for cat sitting that’s second to none.