This week we caught up with our new friends at the rather wonderful Rushden Persian Rescue.

Kimberley Smith, who runs the business with her mum takes up the story.

“The original aim of the rescue was to take in Persian cats that were in trouble. Since then the rescue has expanded and we now cater for any pedigree cat, although Persians always take priority. We were thrown in at the deep-end in January 2007 when we took in seven Persian cats (one heavily pregnant).

Since then we have had a steady stream of Persian and other cats come over our doorstep, which is highlighted by the fact that we now typically rescue/rehome in excess of 300 cats each year compared to less than a 100 cats in our first year.

All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, bathed/groomed, wormed and flea treated. Each cat will be taken to our Swanspool (our vets) in Wellingborough before being rehomed. They will have a full health check. Any abnormalities found will be discussed, recorded and advice given. Subject to the results of the health check, cats are rehomed, given four four weeks free pet insurance, and go home with food vouchers. New owners are given a list of “do’s and don’ts” and grooming tips.”

HomeFurYou is working with Rushden Persian Rescue to offer grooming to our customers’ cats, so please get in touch if you are interested in our grooming and cat sitting in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire by calling 01234 964069. We will also be offering our time and help at the Rescue in the coming months as we think they are doing an amazing job!

Look out for more blogs from Kimberley here in the near future.