This month we would like to introduce you to our sponsored cat – Tinker.

Tinker is currently residing in the Cats Protection Pen that we sponsor and looking for a kind owner to take her on.

Tinker had a tough start to life and was kept in a harness, which even had to be cut off her when Cats Protection took over her welfare. After such a traumatic start she is naturally anxious around people, but is making real progress in our pen.

The good people at Cats Protection offer love and cuddles to many more vulnerable cats. They are given shelter, food and care to give them a chance to find a loving home.  Lots of people sponsor their pens and then others hopefully take on these cats, offering them the chance of a safe comfortable future.

If Tinker and her fellow rescue cats eventually find a loving family in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, then we will be delighted here at HomeFurYou to offer them cat feeding services when their owners are away. Call 01234 964069 for more info.