The Cats Protection League (CPL) is an amazing organisation that looks after cats throughout the UK. The animals come to the CPL through a variety of ways; either they have been neglected or abandoned on the streets or they are unwanted presents and have been brought into the local CPL re-homing centres. Posh and Becks our own cats came to us in exactly that way. They were abandoned in a cardboard box outside one of the CPL Foster Homes.

We’d love to introduce you to the cat we sponsor through CPL. Clarence lives in Sussex and was born with a painful condition that caused his eyelids to turn inwards and scratch his eyes. Left untreated he would have lost his sight. Thankfully the good people at CPL were able to ensure that vets operated on our boy and now his beautiful amber eyes are as good as new.

Sponsorship is a fantastic idea. CPL send you regular updates on their progress and pictures. They tell you where the cats live and best of all the great news when they are finally rehomed with someone who loves them. You sponsor a “pen” and when your cat or cats move on, another cat moves in and you follow their progress.

It’s brilliant and you can really feel you are making a difference. It costs just £10 a month to sponsor your cats and you won’t regret it!

To sponsor a cat please contact the CPL at

For more information about out cat sitting services in Bedforshire and Buckinghamshire, please call 01234 964069.